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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Breath of Life

I was praying today concerning many of the disturbing things that are happening around the world today.... Christians and children being be-headed,  people being turned out of their own country,  the plight of Israel and Gaza,  and the city in USA in lockdown....  I felt such a heaviness in my heart for the people concerned ... it has been heavy over the last 5 days.   I prayed and asked God to intervene, by his hand, by his spirit and via people giving aid and help.  I asked for wisdom and guidance to govern the countries and city.

As I was praying,  the Spirit showed me that God has placed his Prophets along the Walls, at different parts of the wall,  all doing different jobs, though some look similar.  Some are Watchmen on the walls who cry out, who shout out what is happening in the spiritual realm and in the natural realm, who warn the church and warn the world, so that we may pray and repent.  They receive revelation from God to pass onto others, and especially to leaders, who are then responsible to act on the warnings.  Other Prophets stand or kneel and pray, intercede, declare, decree, when they see and hear what is happening around them.  Some Prophets are teachers and trainers,  some are on the battlefield,  and some are in the temple worshiping.  He showed me where I was (kneeling, praying) and he showed me where some of the others he has called are also.

The Spirit showed me that the heaviness I felt in my heart was God's heart,  his heaviness... he also grieves and mourns when he sees his people suffering.  He showed me that God is looking for those people and prophets who will lay their head on his breast, and hear his heart beat.  They may not hear 'words' but they feel his heart, his feelings,  and feel his pain and grief, feel his pleasure and delight.

To lay our head on his breast is a place of rest.  We feel his heart, and we know he feels ours.  Our hearts are safe in his hands.  From this place we also hear the breath of God.  Breath comes from Life.  Breath goes forth (like the wind) speaks, and life is formed and released when his Word is spoken.  Breath forms the Word - the Word brings power and put into action the purposes of God, because His breath comes from His heart.  If we put our head on his breast we will feel his heart beat and feel his breath over our lives.

May he breath over me - may he breath over you today,  filling you with life and rest.