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Saturday, 2 February 2019

BREXIT. 29.1.19

I was praying today about Brexit (29.1.19) and I had a picture/vision , as in the book of Exodus, of Moses and the Israelites leaving Egypt and the control of the Pharaoh. As they moved ahead they came towards the Red Sea. The Red sea parted and they walked on dry ground towards freedom, towards their new destiny. The enemy was swallowed up in the red sea as they chased the Israelites.

I believe this to mean that as we are getting ready to leave the E.U.  (likened to Egypt and the Pharaoh) and there appears to be big obstacles ahead of us, stopping us leaving, but God has prepared a path in the sea for us to walk on. We must not look back but walk forwards. Some will hold back and not want to be part of the new generation that is heading towards the promised land, because they are looking back over their shoulder, to former times.

I sense that the new generation and the Joshua’s and Calebs’, those with a different spirit, will prosper in the land, whilst others hold back, hold onto the old things and old ways instead of entering into the new will be held back, because they are afraid of the perceived giants in the land.

God is parting the sea. We cannot go back to Egypt/ E.U. We need to cross over and not be afraid of the perceived ‘giants’. We can overcome any giants and we can learn new ways to live, be fruitful and prosper in our land.

I partner with God in this, and decree and declare that there is a dry path through the ‘red sea’ that we can cross over on, and not be drowned. I decree we will cross over in safety and reach our promised land. We will not look back. I declare and decree that we will overcome any giants in the land and we will be fruitful and prosper.

Will You Go?

Will you Go?

(A prophetic call and poem by Steven Irvine)

God's temple has become rich, or as they call it, the church today has become a playground for pleasing men.

Big T.V. Companies that line their pockets, say “don't rock the boat, just preach what they want to hear.”

But God says different. He says, everyone of them has gone back. They have become
altogether filthy, they have become vain. Therefore mend your ways.

His true church is not built with stone or silver or fine clothes or fancy cars.
It's not a points system where you just sit there and rack up points and say,
I have done this for God.... no, God's not interested in what we have done for the church,
the real stuff is going on outside the doors of salvation.

The real God is waiting outside your doors, wanting to come in, but we have shut him down.
We have become a McDonald's drive through, a bless-me church, “A quick fix God, and I'll be fine,” …. and would you like a strawberry milkshake with that, with a cherry on the top?

What have we become? We cannot make this up!
A microwave God, ready to serve us, 24-7.
We have become so blind, so self-serving, so pleasing to our own demands,
That God cannot be heard over them.
So sad, don't you think?

But meanwhile, standing outside the doors of salvation waits those who are hungry,
and the homeless.
And there are those who are shot for being a Christian, hung, beaten,
Churches burned down in countries, just for having a Bible.
All this we don't understand … how does this fit with you?
Why would a loving God let them die for believing in Him?
But they did not give up, but just stood up for their beliefs.
Meanwhile, the Church in the west plays at being church –
But they are far from being the real deal.

So now the real call of God goes out and calls people,
“What will you do for me?”
It may cost you. But still, will you go for me?
You will cry a billion tears.

Will you hold dying children? But still will you go?
Will you go if they held a gun to your head,
As they tear children from their beds?
Will you go if I told you that you will be hungry and go grey?
Will you go and pray for a little one, far away?
Will you go for me if I told you that you would hold the hand
of a dying man, who held a gun to your head?
And when you prayed for him, he was filled with tears.
And still God calls out – will you go for me?

Will you hold dying people in your hands,
Whilst they bomb a church, and you don't understand,
You say, “Why Lord? is this your plan?
I'm about to die holding children's hands.”
But God calls out, still will you go for me?
If they hung you on a tree, beat you,
Still, will you go for me?
There are no easy answers to appease,
But God calls out to you and me -

Will you go for me?


THE ROAR OF THE LION (21.5.17) R Grigg

I saw The Lion (of Judah) standing tall on a hill top.

He said: we should not be afraid when we see wars and stirrings within the nations and war against his people. He is coming as the Lion of Judah to deal with his enemies. He is coming, stand, watch and pray. We will see will see every promise to the Jews, to this Church and personal promises come to pass. Every word he has spoken will come to pass.

He is coming first to the east. We will hear his roar in the East (Amos 1:2), his roar in the south, is roar in the west, his roar in the north. We will hear the roar of the Lion but this is not yet the end. We will hear a trumpet sound and a roar that goes across the earth, like the sound of thunder and lightening before He returns as King (Rev 5:5, See Matt 24: 27, 31). He is coming and He is moving forwards, even now.

He will release millions of angels: they will be released to the earth during the times of battle: they are sent to warn us, protect us, guide us and care for us. During all of this, we need to just be still and know that He is God; enter into the place of peace and rest and he will protect our hearts and minds.

He asked this question: Why be scared when you know your inheritance? The Garden of Eden will be yours. Heaven on earth will be yours. You are receiving an eternal inheritance.

He is calling us: rise up warriors, rise up kings – do not be faint-hearted. Rise and shine for the glory of the Lord is risen on you (See Zech 9:9-10 ff).

The Cocoon

The  cocoon    

As I was praying and asking God for revelation about the church, I saw myself walking in the garden with Jesus and I saw several huge butterflies above us.

The Lord wanted me to see them but spoke to me more about the cocoon stage of the butterfly.

He told me that The Church is in a cocoon, sleeping – but whilst it is in the cocoon a transformation is taking place. There will be a huge awaking of the church like never before (like the butterfly awakening and emerging from the cocoon). When she awakens she will be so beautiful, swift in moving in power and free – flying in the Spirit. When she is released she will sweep millions into the Kingdom through God's power.

The church is in a cocoon – she needs to break free from every tradition, lie, constraint and restriction (both personal and within the Body of Christ) that ties her down. In the cocoon, she is being prepared and is learning and relearning the truth of who she is and the truth of who He is. She is learning who and what the Kingdom is. At the appointed time she will break free from her cocoon and fly. She will sweep millions into the Kingdom of God ready for my return.

The African church, the Asian church, the Western church will arise in glory and power, releasing my spirit all over the land.

VISION regarding the UK

Vision regarding the UK 24.3.17,    R.  Grigg

I had been praying for the UK and government etc and I asked the Lord to give me strategies in how to pray more effectively for the nation.

In a vision, I started to see myself walking down a pathway. I was dressed in a white robe with jewels embroidered onto the robe, gold around the edges and carried a gold staff. I walked up to a mansion-type building and knocked on the door to a Council. Angels opened the doors and I walked up to another door and knocked. The door opened. I was shown to a seat near the front to observe the proceedings. I was told not so speak unless asked to, only to observe – I also scribed.

I was in a of court-room chamber, where the Council (1) met. They were holding a meeting concerning the UK.

During the proceedings, Satan stood up and said he had plans for the UK, that he had rights and access because we had opened the doors for him.

Satan said he had plans to bring deeper darkness to this nation, so deep that we cannot get out or return to where we have previously been (2). He has plans to hem in the UK, surround us and pressurise us so that our nations conforms to others around us and looses our own identity.

He said he has plans to remove Child Benefit and other benefits from families – to bring families into further poverty (3).

He also said:

He has plans to make housing and house-buying more difficult, almost impossible – causing more homelessness and stress on families.

He has plans to ruin and bring down the Health Service so it is more chaos and disorder.

He has to bring further and deeper divide within the churches over issues of sexuality and morality.

He has plans to allow and encourage all religions and cults to operate more openly and freely with endorsements from the government – all except Christ followers (4)

He has plans to confuse and nullify the morals and ethics of the youth and children in our nation.

He has plans to bring higher levels of stress and strife, by raising up 'education' and 'business success' on the alter of life – making them into gods – bringing with it heavy loses on health, and family life.

Then the Council Leader (God) stood up and asked the church – what answer does The Church give?

The Church stood up (seemingly weak and silent) and said, “We will pray.”

The Council Leader (God) asked the Lord what answer he gives?

Then the Lord stood up in the Council and said:

I will stir up my people to pray and intercede, fast and repent. I will call them out from hiding and cause their light to shine.

I will put my compassion and strength in their hearts so they will rise up and heal those who are broken and hurt and they will be lights on a hill (5).

I will raise up intercessors to stand on the wall and in the gaps to guard the nation (6), to close and open doors, to bind up and loose (7), to call for angelic help and to call for the army of God to rise up; and when they call on me, I will hear them and heal their land and their people (8). I will put my word in their mouth and they will speak out in truth and wisdom, faith, power and love, then they will decree the things I have spoken.

I will strengthen their armour and their sword (9); in the heat of the battle, they will not be burned; in the heat of the battle my angels will fight for and with them.

They will rise up and address their nation and when they call on me I will provide for their needs; they will see my grace and glory. Nothing shall defeat them because I am fighting for them (10).

Then I was asked to stand up and speak:

Ruth, what is your response?

My response was: I will do what the Holy Spirit leads me to do. I will pray and intercede. I will speak forth in truth and I will teach the nations.

This is where the vision ended - we however,  are called to pray for our nation.

Please see:

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