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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Going Fishing

On our anniversary holiday,   we went on a tour / trip,  going across from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura
on a little boat.  First we went to a little market town with a little beach,  then we toured the  sand dunes, and another beach.

The first stop was amazing.... my husband Paul and I went into a few of the shops,  then we settled onto the little beach, surrounded by cafes.   I always enjoy walking in the sea,  because this is where I hear God speaking to me so clearly, about all manner of things, but mainly about my relationship with Him.  This time is precious to me.

So I went for a walk in the sea... and to my amazement,  I saw a school of fish right near the seashore.   I looked down,  reached out to touch them, and they all moved away.   Some people had little rods or nets attempting to catch fish too, but these fish knew how to avoid them.     I called Paul over to come and look at the fish.  I then carried on walking up and down the seashore in the sea.  The sea was lovely and clear,  there were rocks and shells and stones,  but there were no fish on the other side of the seashore.  

Paul and I had lunch on the beach, and we saved the crusts from our sandwiches and bits of bacon from my sandwich... and the core of a pear.   We went back into the sea, and began to drop into the sea, at our feet,  the bits of bread and bacon, and the core of the pear.  The fish came swarming around our feet, and were no longer shy of our presence.  They came up close and swam in between our legs and feet.  

As this was taking place, the Spirit of the Lord began to speak to me about fishing, about going to where the fish are (rather than to the wrong side of the beach).   The fish will not come to us.... we need to go fishing,  we need to go where they are... we need to throw our nets on the right side!  (John 21:6).  Who and where are the fish that God is calling us to catch?  Go there!

We also need to feed the fish with the right food.... the fish loved the bread and the bacon, but did not like the pear!    The fish, like humanity,  are hungry for the right food.   Jesus is the living bread, and we need to be telling them and showing them who He is, (his power, his love, his death and resurrection) and how he can fulfil their true hunger.    We need to give them food that feeds their real spiritual hunger,  and not a weak or watered down diet.  We need to feed them,  to make disciples, and then teach them how to fish also!  We may also catch bigger fish, those in higher places in governments and people of influence in our nations, and we also need to feed them with the right diet.  They also need to have a good balanced diet of truth, power and love,  they also need to see the power of God demonstrated in their lives.  

So the question is,  will we go out fishing?   and where will we go, and what will we feed them?    We are planning to go out into the market place and into the pubs..... to the places where we know there are hungry fish.  

Monday, 2 December 2013

Come and Dine

Whilst enjoying a wedding anniversary holiday with my husband, I was romanced by a lovely meal in the restaurant.  My husband had organised and arranged the whole holiday, and the meal, special gifts and surprises, and he even picked out my dress and laid it out for me to wear.    He then took me to the restaurant.   On the table were flowers, his card, a candle, and  there was soft sweet music, a special drink and chocolate.    We were waited on and treated well,  with a first course, main meal, afters and all the trimmings.

During the meal, I could see and feel the presence of Jesus romancing me during this whole time, as  His Bride, saying to me .... "Come and Dine" (John 21:12)....  "Come to the wedding feast." (Matt 22:1-14).   The whole scene was a like a prophetic action and foretaste of the Wedding Feast with the King.   First came the invitation,  then I was given a wedding garment to wear, then I was wined and dined,  as a Bride.    I saw Jesus from beginning to end, how he calls me, us, His Bride, into a deeper fellowship and love and how he lavishes his love and his goodness upon us, and how we, are the object of his great affection.

So now His Spirit is calling us to "come and dine" with Him,  to be romanced by Him,  to accept the invitation to come to His wedding feast....   will we come, or will we be too busy?    I choose to come.