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Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Cloud

I was praying and singing and asking the Lord to show me more of Him, and to have more of the supernatural in life, but naturally....  as I was praying and asking God to speak to me,  I saw a picture of a dome,  filled with a white cloud, and in the middle of this was God.  He was partly seen, but mostly concealed.

He said to me, "I cannot show you my face completely.  I cannot reveal all that I am to you now.... it is too much for any man (person) .... the cloud is there to protect you.  No man may see God (in their flesh) and live.  (This is not including dreams and visions!  Many, including myself,  see God or Jesus in dreams and visions,  and heavenly experiences,  but even these are not a full manifestation of God, only a part.)

One day soon,  He said,  I will reveal myself to you completely,  but now,  only partly,  bit by bit.  (see I Corinthians 13:9-12)

So I asked Him about Moses (and others) .... didn't he see you and speak to you face to face Lord?    He said,  I had misunderstood.....  because Moses didn't SEE Him fully (whilst on earth),  but God  appeared to him in fire and smoke,  in a bush and in a cloud,  and when Moses asked to see His glory,  He had to put his hand over him, and God went behind Moses to protect him;  but he SPOKE to him face to face ... in other words,  Moses heard God speaking to him as if he was speaking to him face to face - Moses could hear God's voice talking directly to him .... that is why it is important that I hear him clearly, whenever he speaks,  without letting the enemy or other influences interfere with this.

His Spirit went on to reveal to me.... the apostles and many others saw God in the flesh,  (Jesus) in his manhood, in his human body.   Three of the disciples saw Jesus transfigure into his glory, even then, they did not see the fullness of God...  a cloud came, it descended, and out of the cloud came the voice of God.... this is my beloved son - listen to him.  (Luke 9:28-36).

Also when Philip asked Jesus,  show us the Father?  (John 14:8-9) Jesus replied,  "if you have seen me, you have seen the Father"  .... what I believe Jesus meant was by seeing Jesus, by knowing and experiencing Him, by receiving Him,  following and obeying Him,  we see and know the Father, because they are one in Spirit.  When we know Jesus,  we begin to understand the heart and mind of the Father.   Jesus was the physical manifestation of God in the flesh ... but he also manifested the will and purpose and plan and heart of the Father to the world, through his love, his power, his grace, and through his salvation-redemption on the cross.

So,  I asked the Lord during this encounter,  "what do you require of me,  that I may see you more?"  He said,  "that depends on your sacrifice and your obedience.   Just obey me ... do the things I've shown you, and sacrifice your time just to be with me - the more you are with me,  the more you see, know and understand.  The more you seek me,  the more you see."

So God shows himself to us,  reveals himself to us,  piece by piece..... but the more we lay down our lives,  the more we love him and offer ourselves as a living sacrifice,  the more he will reveal Himself to us.