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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Breath of Life

I was praying today concerning many of the disturbing things that are happening around the world today.... Christians and children being be-headed,  people being turned out of their own country,  the plight of Israel and Gaza,  and the city in USA in lockdown....  I felt such a heaviness in my heart for the people concerned ... it has been heavy over the last 5 days.   I prayed and asked God to intervene, by his hand, by his spirit and via people giving aid and help.  I asked for wisdom and guidance to govern the countries and city.

As I was praying,  the Spirit showed me that God has placed his Prophets along the Walls, at different parts of the wall,  all doing different jobs, though some look similar.  Some are Watchmen on the walls who cry out, who shout out what is happening in the spiritual realm and in the natural realm, who warn the church and warn the world, so that we may pray and repent.  They receive revelation from God to pass onto others, and especially to leaders, who are then responsible to act on the warnings.  Other Prophets stand or kneel and pray, intercede, declare, decree, when they see and hear what is happening around them.  Some Prophets are teachers and trainers,  some are on the battlefield,  and some are in the temple worshiping.  He showed me where I was (kneeling, praying) and he showed me where some of the others he has called are also.

The Spirit showed me that the heaviness I felt in my heart was God's heart,  his heaviness... he also grieves and mourns when he sees his people suffering.  He showed me that God is looking for those people and prophets who will lay their head on his breast, and hear his heart beat.  They may not hear 'words' but they feel his heart, his feelings,  and feel his pain and grief, feel his pleasure and delight.

To lay our head on his breast is a place of rest.  We feel his heart, and we know he feels ours.  Our hearts are safe in his hands.  From this place we also hear the breath of God.  Breath comes from Life.  Breath goes forth (like the wind) speaks, and life is formed and released when his Word is spoken.  Breath forms the Word - the Word brings power and put into action the purposes of God, because His breath comes from His heart.  If we put our head on his breast we will feel his heart beat and feel his breath over our lives.

May he breath over me - may he breath over you today,  filling you with life and rest.

Saturday, 14 June 2014


Noted in my journal on 26.7.13


After an hour or so of praying in the Spirit over people and situations,  the Lord took me into a garden, in the Heavens.  Jesus planted some flowers there for me,  purple and pink, species unknow, with a beautiful fragrance.   He then took me into his house, and we sat down in the 'living area'.  Some angels bought a cup of wine for me to drink and fresh fruit.  After I had drunk the wine, my spirit body transformed into light particles and my spirit was free - light, flying.  Jesus said to me, that I could go anywhere in His Kingdom or the world in the Spirit - I can just go there.

He sent me to Africa first - to lay hands on the African pastors and people I know who live there.  He also sent me to my mum (in a nursing home) to lay hands on her,  and also to some friends who live here in England.

He sent me to a lady and children, who were in hiding in Israel.  I took gold to her,  bread, water, wine and wheat.  I was also taken to some governors and rulers in Israel,  to open spiritual eyes to see Jesus and to release the Kingdom of God.  I was also taken to Syria to declare the Kingdom of God.  

I then came back into God's House in Heaven,  and He told me that I had been in intercession with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  

I looked back on this entry in my journey and wonder at God's timing and ability to bring all things together.  I have been reading the books called, "Ladies of Gold"  and how they were enraptured and taken in the spirit to many different places in the Heavens and shown many things, reminding us of when Isaiah saw the Lord,  high and lifted up, and  when  Paul was taken up into heaven and shown many things,  and John the Apostle was taken in the spirit on the Island of Patmos.

These ladies later went onto being physically 'transported' to different places to preach and lay hands on the sick (as Philip was in the book of Acts, out into the dessert to meet the Ethopian Enunic).   

Where can God take us in intercession?  Where can he take us if we are willing to spend that time with Him and step into the unknown?   How I long to go on more journeys with Him,  most of all, how I long to be near Him.  To be near Him, in His presence,  is the most precious and awesome experience that transcends all others, and I long for this to be my normal, everyday experience.  This is my prayer.  

Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Cloud

I was praying and singing and asking the Lord to show me more of Him, and to have more of the supernatural in life, but naturally....  as I was praying and asking God to speak to me,  I saw a picture of a dome,  filled with a white cloud, and in the middle of this was God.  He was partly seen, but mostly concealed.

He said to me, "I cannot show you my face completely.  I cannot reveal all that I am to you now.... it is too much for any man (person) .... the cloud is there to protect you.  No man may see God (in their flesh) and live.  (This is not including dreams and visions!  Many, including myself,  see God or Jesus in dreams and visions,  and heavenly experiences,  but even these are not a full manifestation of God, only a part.)

One day soon,  He said,  I will reveal myself to you completely,  but now,  only partly,  bit by bit.  (see I Corinthians 13:9-12)

So I asked Him about Moses (and others) .... didn't he see you and speak to you face to face Lord?    He said,  I had misunderstood.....  because Moses didn't SEE Him fully (whilst on earth),  but God  appeared to him in fire and smoke,  in a bush and in a cloud,  and when Moses asked to see His glory,  He had to put his hand over him, and God went behind Moses to protect him;  but he SPOKE to him face to face ... in other words,  Moses heard God speaking to him as if he was speaking to him face to face - Moses could hear God's voice talking directly to him .... that is why it is important that I hear him clearly, whenever he speaks,  without letting the enemy or other influences interfere with this.

His Spirit went on to reveal to me.... the apostles and many others saw God in the flesh,  (Jesus) in his manhood, in his human body.   Three of the disciples saw Jesus transfigure into his glory, even then, they did not see the fullness of God...  a cloud came, it descended, and out of the cloud came the voice of God.... this is my beloved son - listen to him.  (Luke 9:28-36).

Also when Philip asked Jesus,  show us the Father?  (John 14:8-9) Jesus replied,  "if you have seen me, you have seen the Father"  .... what I believe Jesus meant was by seeing Jesus, by knowing and experiencing Him, by receiving Him,  following and obeying Him,  we see and know the Father, because they are one in Spirit.  When we know Jesus,  we begin to understand the heart and mind of the Father.   Jesus was the physical manifestation of God in the flesh ... but he also manifested the will and purpose and plan and heart of the Father to the world, through his love, his power, his grace, and through his salvation-redemption on the cross.

So,  I asked the Lord during this encounter,  "what do you require of me,  that I may see you more?"  He said,  "that depends on your sacrifice and your obedience.   Just obey me ... do the things I've shown you, and sacrifice your time just to be with me - the more you are with me,  the more you see, know and understand.  The more you seek me,  the more you see."

So God shows himself to us,  reveals himself to us,  piece by piece..... but the more we lay down our lives,  the more we love him and offer ourselves as a living sacrifice,  the more he will reveal Himself to us.