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Saturday, 4 February 2012

John 2:5 "Do whatever he tells you"

When we do whatever He tells us to do, the miraculous happens!  In this story, water became the best wine.  But faith and obedience was required to accomplish this. The servants were told to fill 6 stone water jars with water.  They must have been wondering what they were doing this for and why?  and they may have felt very foolish.  Sometimes what He asks us to do may look strange, and we fell uncomfortable doing it, and people are watching to see if we will fail or make it, like when Joshua was asked to march around Jericho 7 times blowing trumpets to bring down the walls of the city...  but when we do whatever he says, miracles happen.

No way could water naturally turn into wine!  It had to be the power of God.  No way could 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish feed 5000 people, it had to be the power of God.... No way can the disciples suddenly catch net loads of fish that previously weren't there,  and if the stone was not rolled away from Lazarus' grave, he would have remained dead ... but when they did what he said, miracles happened.

When we do whatever he tells us, we are acting in faith - we know it looks crazy to some and we can't fathom out how God is going to do this miracle by doing this ???

But that' is when God's power is released - when we trust him and do what he says.  If we do not, we not be condemned, and if we do, we will receive the good gifts that He has for us.  Just do it - do whatever he tells you.

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