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Monday, 2 December 2013

Come and Dine

Whilst enjoying a wedding anniversary holiday with my husband, I was romanced by a lovely meal in the restaurant.  My husband had organised and arranged the whole holiday, and the meal, special gifts and surprises, and he even picked out my dress and laid it out for me to wear.    He then took me to the restaurant.   On the table were flowers, his card, a candle, and  there was soft sweet music, a special drink and chocolate.    We were waited on and treated well,  with a first course, main meal, afters and all the trimmings.

During the meal, I could see and feel the presence of Jesus romancing me during this whole time, as  His Bride, saying to me .... "Come and Dine" (John 21:12)....  "Come to the wedding feast." (Matt 22:1-14).   The whole scene was a like a prophetic action and foretaste of the Wedding Feast with the King.   First came the invitation,  then I was given a wedding garment to wear, then I was wined and dined,  as a Bride.    I saw Jesus from beginning to end, how he calls me, us, His Bride, into a deeper fellowship and love and how he lavishes his love and his goodness upon us, and how we, are the object of his great affection.

So now His Spirit is calling us to "come and dine" with Him,  to be romanced by Him,  to accept the invitation to come to His wedding feast....   will we come, or will we be too busy?    I choose to come.

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