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Friday, 20 February 2015

Cultivate Your Heart

Cultivate your heart
20.2.15,  R Grigg

The Lord took me into a garden, and we talked.  I asked Him about the smell of flowers, and different features of the garden.  

We looked at different flowers,  plants and herbs, rocks and water.  We looked at herbs that are not particularly beautiful to look at, but have a purpose;  they bring healing and flavour.  Some people in His body are like that…. they may not look like a beautiful flower, but they serve a purpose and bring healing into the body of Christ. They are often overlooked, but they are so important and necessary in the Body.  We looked at different fruits… strawberries and blueberries,  apple and pear trees.  The Lord said that each one needs to be planted in the right place in the garden, otherwise it cannot survive.  If the strawberry plant spreads too far, and gets too hot or cold, it will start to die.  It needs to stay in the area that it will thrive in… the same with the other fruits, flowers and trees.  The apple and pear trees will not survive in wrong soil, or in the wrong place.  It is important to know where you are planted and where and what you need to pay attention too, and to cultivate and tend the plants and fruits in that area.  

At this point,  I sensed the Lord began to speak to me about The Church (his people)…. he said that the church needs to cultivate the garden of their hearts.  That He is the gardener, and he comes to prune and cut off the dead and unfruitful parts and branches of our lives.  He wants to strip back the branches so that we may be fruitful again.  

I heard the Lord say to the church,  that we need to take off and peel back the skins that surround us and protect us hiding who you really are.  Some fruit in his house has become bad …. some have become jealous, angry, full of hurt and pain, disappointed and crushed.  The Lord wants us to take off the cloak that covers us, that makes us look good on the outside, but inside the wounds are festering.  The Lord wants us to remove the layers, to open up our hearts to Him and to one another in truthfulness, honesty and love and through this, bring healing to one another, to His body.

The Lord asks us this today -  What do I require from you?  That you are full of goodness, grace, love, compassion; that you are salt that brings my taste and flavour, and salt that heals the wounds.  That you are light that reveals the darkness, bringing truth, and bringing freedom.

The Lord requires that we cultivate the garden of our hearts, and let him the gardener of our souls. 

See  John 15:1-8

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